We sell from Spain raw material with Tantalum Oxide concentrate for the metallurgical industry.

Raw material extracted from mining deposits located in Colombia that comply with current legislation and also of non-conflictive origin.

The sale of raw material is carried out from a customs warehouse located in Spain, with certification of origin and a minimum content since 30% to 34% of Tantalum Oxide according to analyzes carried out by IGME in Spain.






To all companies that are in need for Tantalum Oxide in small amounts, we can supply orders in 2 kg and 15 kg drums.

These articles can be acquired for our SAMPLES SHOP as well as they can be acquired in our warehouses by appointment.

The 2 kg and 15 kg drums have a proportional discount depending on the number requested.




To supply raw material Tantalum Oxide concentrate for the matallurgical Industry, it´s required by us that the client first send us an REQUEST OFFER, in this way we will send a proposal with available quantities and prices.

We could accept any spot also with a long-term agreement, from 5 tons per supply and we can reach any quantity that is requested, with supplies every 45 days.

The first order we suggest that it be of 1 ton or less in order to make it easier to coordinate the first sale, for subsequent orders we suggest gradually increasing the quantities until reaching the maximum of the needs indicated to us.

We only sell raw material with Tantalum Oxide concentrate that we have in stock in the customs warehouse in Spain.

We certify each tonne indicating the origin and its content in Tantalum Oxide.

The agreed laboratory to carry out the analyzes is the IGMEfollowing by the method of:

Extraction of 2 pearls using a lithium tetraborate as a flux, introducing them into a XRF device in a COLTAN program.

The quality of the Tantalum Oxide can always be verified before being acquired, extracting samples from our warehouses to use the analysis services of an external laboratory.

Also we could customize the label to be affixed on the drum, transferring the raw material into client's custom warehouse, port or airport in Spain, or DAP according to contract conditions, provided there are no limitations in the destination country.

For raw material supplies we have established Covid-19 protocols.



COLTAN Drum 15 kg




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