Raw material with Tantalum Oxide concentrate, also called Coltan, sale of samples through our WEB in containers from 50 grams, with technical data sheet and analytical composition.  

Wholesale for INDUSTRY USE located in the Spain customs warehouse, or supplied DAP in customs warehouse to be chosen by the buyer, with certification of origin and XRF analysis. 


Tantalum Oxide in small quantities, sale of samples through our website for geology expositions, universities, mineral collections, and for all those who wish to have this raw material.

The samples are supplied in glass containers presented in boxes with 50 and 100 grams.

If Coltan is preferred in a larger quantity, we offer the mineral in 2 kg jars.

If the address for send is in Europe, the order can be made from the SAMPLES SHOP.

If the address for the send is not in Europe or is not contemplated into the countries or areas described in Packages and shipments, it is necessary to make an order request through a User Account, from the function My Tickets, selecting the department "I send samples to other countries or areas".

Samples 9 containers


COLTAN various samples



For the metallurgical industry and for the distribution sectors, we supply raw material with Tantalum Oxide concentrate in periodic shipments by contract.

We sell from the Spain customs warehouse, always with qualities since 30% to 34% in Tantalum Oxide, and we send it to any warehouse or customs warehouse, port or airport in Spain, or DAP to any destination where there are no limitations or restrictions.

For information or wholesale contracting, it is necessary to send us a REQUEST  OFFER from INDUSTRY USE.


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