Recycling of mobile phones and obtaining tantalum
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Recycling any mobile phones to obtain their tantalum

It is essential that we should realize that from now on we can´t throw out our used mobile phones in the trash; we must deliver them to any recycling center

Recycling is a process that its objective is to convert waste into new products or raw material for a new use

Thanks to recycling, the disuse of potentially useful materials is prevented, the consumption of new raw material is reduced, as well as reducing the use of energy, air pollution (through incineration) and water (through landfills), as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of plastics

Recycling is a key component in the reduction of contemporary waste and it´s the third component of the 3R ("Reduce, Reuse and Recycle")

Recyclable materials are many, and include all paper and cardboard, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, some plastics, textiles and fabrics, wood and electronic component

In other cases it is not possible to carry out recycling due to the technical difficulty or high cost of the process, so that material or products are often reused to produce some other materials and are used for other purposes, such use of energy or materials for construction

It is also possible to salvage components of certain complex products, either because of their intrinsic value or because of their dangerous nature

It´s true that if we take our cell phone to a recycling center they are going to pay us very little for it or maybe nothing at all, and they are going to make a good use of it, you must remember that you are helping planet earth in many ways and it shall compensate us all

First and most important is that you do create a polluted environment, and you are contributing for it by giving work to people in need which are going to disassemble these mobiles and to take advantage of all its elements, and it´s going to be the last thing to be used and they shall be reuse as a raw materials such as tantalum and niobium which are very expensive and difficult to obtain

There are many places especially in Asia and Africa that cost them a lot to recycle because of lack of condition or within their culture, if it´s not our case it´s our obligation that we help planet earth in some way if we had that possibility, but even in the case of not having the slightest possibility to help, at least put our effort generating a precedent to follow

If you do not know any recycling center where you could take your mobile phone, please take it to the store where you bought it or to the nearest store nearby if you bought it online, they shall know what to do with it, if the store is going to pay you something please accept it, and if not don´t worry, you are doing what is right and nature shall pay you in some other way that you can´t see now but be sure it´s going to take place

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