The present General Conditions are regulate express the relations arising between Gestora de Inversiones Tralen S.L., with address at: C / Catedrático Abelardo Rigual 17, 1, 4, A, postal code 03540 Alicante (Spain), with CIF: B83113910, registered at Registry Mercantile in Alicante (Spain), Volume 4101, Sheet 102, Sheet A158787 (hereinafter, TRALEN) and any third party (hereinafter, USERS) register as USERS and / or purchase products or services online on the official website of Gestora de Inversiones Tralen S.L. and its web site (https://tralen.es hereinafter SHOP).


USER hereby agrees, in general, to use the SAMPLES SHOP to acquire any products and to use the services of the SHOP diligently, in accordance with the European Union laws, morality, public order and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

Conditions and in its Privacy and Use policy, must also refrain from using the products and services in any way that could prevent, damage or deteriorate the normal operation and enjoyment of the SHOP by USERS or that could injure or cause damage to goods and rights of TRALEN, its Suppliers, USERS or in general of any third party.


TRALEN reserves the right to decide at any time, on what products could be offered to USERS to SAMPLES SHOP.

TRALEN may at any time add new products to those offered or included SHOP, it is being understood that unless otherwise provided, such new products shall be governed by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

TRALEN reserves the right to stop providing or facilitating access at any time and without prior notice on any one of the products or services offered SHOP.

The products be presented in the most reliable way possible that allows the technology of visualization on the WEB site. The characteristics of the products and their prices shall appear SHOP.

TRALEN offers the following types of Tantalum Oxide for sell on its WEB site https://tralen.es

A.- Supply of Tantalum Ozxide for analysis and testing in Laboratories, also for Collectors, Students, Exhibitions, Schools, Universities, Organizations, Collectives and for all people who request it.

All orders done on our WEB are to be shipped exclusively to countries according to the list defined at online link Package and shipments.

In the event that a USER residing in a Country or zone not described in the screen Package and shipments wants to make purchases of our products, he can send a  through his User Account by selecting the function My Tickets, and the Department "I send samples to other countries or areas", we will send you a proforma invoice with the amount of the order and the shipping´s costs for you acceptance.

B.Coltan ore supply for Metal Transformation Companies and ore Distributors.

Orders for the Industry can be made through the screen INDUSTRY USE by filling in a form that will be displayed by entering the function REQUEST OFFER.

The Offer Request is only enabled to request information on the availability of Tantalum Oxide for sale, price and supply conditions. 

The communications received by TRALEN through INDUSTRY USE, as well as the responses from TRALEN will  be registered at User's account.


USER who acquires a product SAMPLES SHOP for delivery by mail must make the payment by special systems Wire Transfer or Card.

The limit of any purchase done by a credit or debit card shall be created at USER´S bank and according to his card; however. 

For any order supplies done with a payment by a wire transfer, within a maximum period of twenty-four (24) hours on a business day after receiving the payment, TRALEN then shall send an Email to USER, confirming the payment and the preparation of the order requested for delivery to be pick up by the transport company.

Confirmation of payment shall be made in the language that USER has placed the order, as well as any other communication relating to the order.

Confirmation of payment of the order sent by TRALEN is not valid like an invoice; it shall serve as proof of purchase.

TRALEN shall make available to USER an invoice by accessing it online order on User´s account, User can download the invoice in PDF format from User´s account, and the bill of lading of that order shall be sent together with the package.


The USER has the right to return from the order, without any need to justify their decision.

To exercise the right of return, the USER must notify TRALEN of its decision to return the order by sending a written communication through its User account, selecting the function ORDER HISTORY AND DETAILS.

The notice of return must be placed within a period of no longer than fourteen (14) calendar days, counted from the receipt of the order.

The return of funds shall be made in accordance with the instructions that TRALEN gives USER in a response to its notification of withdrawal exercise. The purpose of these instructions is to clarify the reason for the withdrawal.

USER must return the Product in the same container that it was received within a maximum period of seven (7) days after TRALEN indicates how to send it back.

Withdrawal shall entitle the return of the payment amount, with the exception of the cost for the transportation expenses delivery of the package. It shall reflect on the order's invoice.

The shipping costs of the package returned shall done on user's expense, however TRALEN optionally can make available to USER the return package using the same transportation company that made the delivery of the package, TRALEN shall give instructions to USER how to do so.

USER must indicate the account name and holder of the bank in which TRALEN must pay by a wire transfer. The term for such payment shall be established within the Law.

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised when the product is not returned in its original box where the glass container is stored, or the glass container is not returned, or when the total quantity of sent mineral was returned.

In the event that the glass container or in case that it has been broken by the transport company, the breakage of the container or the case should be proven with a photo where it is clearly seen that the container or the box case was broken by the transport company, TRALEN shall put a claim on the damage caused by the transport company, and at the same time, it will be able to carry out one of the following options:

A. - There shall return the payment to USER for the price of the glass container and the case if it has also deteriorated, in which can be exchanged on the next order.

B. - USER shall provide a bank account where TRALEN shall make the corresponding payment for the price of the glass container without mineral and the case if applicable.

C. - TRALEN shall demand the transport company to send USER a new package with all items that have been damaged in the transportation.

If the package has been returned by the transport company because USER has accept it, the package shall remain available to USER at the offices of TRALEN until USER claims it again, and up to the maximum time established by law valid. TRALEN shall notify USER by an Email on the situation.

When USER claims again the package, User has two options to do so:

A. - To send the transport company to pick up the package.

B. - Asking TRALEN to send package again.

In the event that the return has been for reasons attributable to USER, User must first make a payment of the expenses of the return, plus add up the new shipping costs if user has requested the option B.


In case of defective product because the content has been adulterated during transportation, USER must prove it within a maximum period of 72 working hours from the date of delivery, detailing the type of incident, and attaching any photos of the product damaged / defective / incorrect and also the photo of the label glued on the plastic packaging of the transportation company.

TRALEN shall proceed, as appropriate, to replace the glass container without mineral, the box case, by a mean of discount coupon, or make a payment on a bank account on the amount that corresponds, and shall initiate the corresponding claim with the transport company; all procedures shall be with no charges to USER.

In the event that USER chooses to return the product because the mineral received does not conform as a Tantalum Oxide or the package does not arrived at its destination for reasons beyond of its control, USER must prove it with photos that reflect that state or situation by providing photos and documents deemed appropriate to demonstrate that circumstance, so TRALEN could make the claims on the transport company, in this case USER shall not have pay the cost for the return or to replace the product.


For any incident, claim or exercise of their rights, USER may do so by writing at online link Customer supportand in the case of incidents relating to an order, it is advisable to make a communication on your account. User must do it on online link HISTORY AND DETAIL OF MY ORDERS.


The WEB site has a link NEWS available to Users where they can publish news, articles, collaborations and comments, in relation to Tantalum Oxide and minerals.

If any USER wishes to incorporate a publication in this section, they must write to Customer support through a Ticket if they are a Registered User or through the screen CONTACT US if they are not a Registered User, selecting the Subject "Publication in the Blog " attaching the publication and the photos or videos that correspond.

All the news, articles, collaborations and comments that are requested to be published by USERS should be about matters related to the Tantalum Oxide, with its derivatives, with its applications, with the present or future technology that will be reached by the application of its components, on congresses, exhibitions, on the own experiences of USERS relating their investigations, tests, tests, projects or inventions already made or in their development, and in general with everything related to the Minerals.

On the same time, USER may request the inclusion of comments of general interest on the products sold by TRALEN, on the operation of the WEB site and on the quality of the services offered by TRALEN on its Website.

TRALEN reserves the right not to publish any news, articles, collaborations and comments that are not in accordance with the aforementioned topics, or those that by their form of expression or content may be offensive, or may incur falsehoods or contradictions that do not benefit the industry related to the Tantalum Oxide, its derivatives, technology, research or use of our WEB site.

TRALEN may delete any news, articles, collaborations and comments for complaints received from any other USERS about the inaccuracy of the published information, or failing to publish the news, articles, collaborations and comments that it receives that contradicts or enters into controversy with the publication of another USER.

The objective of this online link NEWS is to generate an enrichment of information so that USERS can share their research, experiences, and R&D projects that they want to make known to the public.

TRALEN WEB site is oriented so that it can be seen from anywhere around the world, and just as we are in a position to supply Tantalum Oxide without country of destination limitations, it is TRALEN's interest that USER publications can be read in any part of the world without limits of borders, and always respecting the current legislation on each country within the terms of information on the aforementioned topics.

To post any news, articles or comments at the NEWS, USER must be a registered USER and be responsible for their manifestations.

Each USER shall be responsible for the content of their news, articles, collaborations and comments, as it is published, by our company, TRALEN shall not bear any responsibility for the content of that publication.

If any USER feels discriminated due to the elimination of their publication on the NEWS or for not seeing their news, articles, collaborations and comments published, they may write to Customer support stating such situation.

The news, articles, collaborations and comments of USERS shall be published in the same language it was received.

TRALEN reserves the right to translate the news, articles, collaborations and comments into any other language, only if deemed appropriate due to its relevance or transcendence.


The territorial scope of sales made SAMPLES SHOP for mail delivery is exclusively for any countries within the European Union, according to the list defined in the online link Package and Shipping, so the door to door delivery service shall be valid for those territories only and that they also do not have the service limited because they are within certain areas of the European Union.

In the event that USER resides in a country other than the European Union or your area of residence still within the European Union a message shall appeared saying NO ONLINE SALES SERVICE, if you want to receive containers with Tantalum Oxide, USER shall send TRALEN message by one of the means established at online link Customer support, a written request that USER is interested in receiving Tantalum Oxide and the amount needed, TRALEN shall then send an offer of the products with a shipping costs corresponding to a DUA expenses.

For this type of case a payment of the orders shall be made by a wire transfer after receiving the pro-forma invoice sent to USER upon confirmations interest on the offer.

In all cases delivery made by TRALEN of all packages shall be made on the same day that has been confirmed by the Department of Accounting the amount paid, or on the same day of the order if the payment has been made by a credit or debit card and our bank has accepted the payment, on both cases if payment has confirmed before 14:00 hours from Monday to Friday, not any holidays.

The delivery service made on behalf of TRALEN is carried out in collaboration with different logistics operators of recognized prestige.

Orders can be sent into P.O Boxes, or at post office close by to the address of USER. In this case, it is mandatory to select the State Postal Service as your transport operator.

It is NOT advisable to request any orders to be supplied at hotels or any other non-permanent addresses.

It shall the own responsibility of USER to define such a delivery address of package at a Hotel or non- permanent address, if it is not delivered.


USER shall recognizes that in all the elements ONLINE SHOP on each of the Products, information and materials contained therein, the brands, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents, and computer programs used in relation to them, they are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights of TRALEN only or of third parties, and that the online link Terms and Conditions do not attribute to it, with respect to said industrial and intellectual property rights, any rights other than those specifically contemplated in the same.


TRALEN shell facilitates the use of personal passwords to registered USER on our WEB site. These passwords shall serve the key access into the services provided on our Web site https://tralen.es.

USER shall keep password under his exclusive responsibility in a strictest and absolute confidentiality, assuming, therefore, all damages or consequences of any kind arising from the breach or disclosure of the key secret the password to access all services linked in our WEB site can be changed at any time by the USER.

USER shall notify TRALEN immediately of any unauthorized use of account, as well the access by any unauthorized third parties.


TRALEN may uses cookies in order to improve their services, facilitate navigation, maintain security, verify USER's identity, facilitate access to personal preferences and follow their use SHOP.

Cookies are files installed on each hard disk of the computer or in the memory of the browser in the folder pre-configured by the operating system of USER's computer enable to identify it.

If USER does not want the cookies to be installed on his hard disk, he must configure his Internet browsing programs. On the other hands USER may destroy all cookies freely.

In case USER decides to eliminate cookies, the quality and speed of the service may decrease and can even lose quick access to some of the services offered SHOP.


The relationship in between TRALEN and USER may be governed by a current Spanish regulations and any dispute shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals in the city of Alicante, Spain.