We make available by sale Online Tamtalum Oxide presented in glass containers of various shapes with metallic lid with contents between 50 and 100 grams of mineral supplied in designed cases.

If you need amount of more Tantalum Oxide at our Store catalog we also have PET containers of 2 kilos and TULIPA containers of 15 kilos.

Our catalog of product for sale online is aimed to mineral collectors, geology exhibitions, universities and laboratories.

For the companies of metal transformation, technological industry and wholesalers of the mineral we offer Coltan in DAP or FOB supplies anywhere in Spain. 

In these cases you can always check the mineral at our customs warehouse located in Spain prior to any shipments.


If you want to purchase Tantalum Oxide in industrial quantities, we can supply DAP or FOB orders. For this, you must send us a Request offer from INDUSTRY USE.

Also you can contact Customer support by Email or by phone, but we cannot make any mineral offers by phone.

All the Tantalum Oxide offers we make will be for DAP or FOB supplies in the customs warehouse indicated by the client.

The supplies we can make are for a Spot order or for a continuous supply for one year.

The first operation with a client must always be 1 ton to carry out a test valid for both parties.

Afterwards, the client will be able to request the rest of the Spot order that they need or partial orders every 30/45 days and until the volume offered in the year.

Our annual supply offers are renewable upon expiration, expandable in additional quantities throughout the current year and at renewal, and revisable during their validity so that the customer is always comfortable with their forecasts.


  1. Go into our SAMPLES SHOP and choose coltan containers that you wish to purchase. You could make as many orders of containers as you wish.

  2. Just add the products into your Cart.

  3. You shall see the current status of your Cart you could select Continue Shopping or Finalized your purchase by going into payment method.

  4. If you are not a registered user, you could create your own account and enter your Personal Data and your Current Address.

  5. Choose payment method: Credit card or Wire Transfer.

  6. TRALEN shall receive authorization for payment.

  7. TRALEN shall prepare the product for shipment.

  8. Our web application keeps our inventory in control and we always being notify on less than 5 units available at any given time.

  9. However, if you placed an order and after making a payment there was no product in stock of any of the products you have requested we shall send you an Email with an approximate date when we could have available your order, we shall ask you if you wish to change the product for a similar one.

  10. The transport company shall deliver it into your current address.

  11. You could enjoy your order.

Notes on your purchase processing

The mineral orders of Tantalum Oxide Online shall be made on our website if your country of destination is within the countries defined in the list of countries and areas described in the Packages and shipments.

In the event that you Country or destination zone is not according to our list of countries and destinations described in the Packages and shipmentsor has the message NO ONLINE SALE SERVICE, he can send the order a through his User Account by selecting the function My Tickets, and the Department "I send samples to other countries or areas", we will send you a proforma invoice with the amount of the order and the shipping´s costs for you acceptance.

Upon acceptance of the proforma invoice, we will send you the ready-made order.

In these cases you could only pay by a wire transfer.

How can I find the Tantalum Oxide products that interest me?

Online Web site, all Tantalum Oxide products are displayed that are available, as well as the origins of the mineral and the sizes of each container, you could select prices or any other attributes.

When you find any product that you are interested in, click on the product photo to check its information on that product.

If you have accessed a glass container or PET, click on the product photo and you will find any Information Technical, characteristics of the container, and traceability of the mineral.

Do the Collection products and the products for the Industry contain VAT?

The prices indicated in all products are VAT FREE.

The collection products that are glass and PET containers do not pay VAT under the special regime provided for in articles 312 to 315 of the VAT Directive.

If the product is a TULIPA container for industrial use and the billing address is of an entity that is NOT resident in Spain but within the European Union, it is taxed with intra-community VAT and therefore exempt from VAT.

If the product is a TULIPA container for industrial use and the billing address is of an entity resident in Spain but its destination is for non-industrial use such as collectors, universities, expositions, museums and similar, before placing the order the User must make a statement to Customer support through a Ticket so that the VAT is omitted from the invoice indicating that the destination of the mineral will not be for industry use.

TRALEN reserves the right to verify that the User is not an Industrial company resident in Spain.

The amount of the expenses for the transportation of the shipment shall always be with VAT included and the transport price shall be indicated when you indicate to which address you want to send the order and once you have selected the transport company.

How could I add the Tantalum Oxide products to my Cart?

The images of the products in glass containers show the actual amount of mineral COLTAN that is in each container, and also show the same amount of Tantalum Oxide extracted from the container, you could observe the actual volume of the mineral contained in each glass container inside the container or outside.

If you want to purchase a product, you should select the units and click on Add to cart window, a link to the status of your Cart shall appeared and give you the options to continue purchasing or Proceed to payment.

If you have clicked Proceed to payment, the web site shall give you a summary of your order where you shall check it out for any errors made, if all amount are correct, and the number of units on each product are okay or you would like to eliminate any product from the cart. If you are already a Registered user and you have defined your shipping address, we shall calculate the shipping costs of that order.

The shipping costs shall be calculated according to our selection of suggested transportation company, and you shall be updated if you add or subtract any units online.

When you finalize your order, we shall give you the possibility of selecting the transport company if there is more than one company that provides service in your shipping area, therefore, if it is your case, not only you could select the transport company you could also select the shipping method if there are several, so the prices may vary in each case and you may choose the one that suits you fine.

It will again give you the option to continue buying or go to payment.

If you decide to go to payment and you are not a registered user you should have to sign up, if you are already a registered user it will give you the possibility to change your Data and your Current address.

You shall have to carefully indicate the correct shipping address, it has nothing to do with your billing address and your order shall arrive without incident.

You could register as many addresses as you would like, and each time you place an order you shall have to select the shipping address.

Next you shall be given the option of selecting a shipping method with a specific transport company if your shipping address allows more than one transport company, in that case it will show you the possible options that we have for you and each one with its price and the shipping costs, for you and each one of your shipping cost, so that you can select the transport company that most suits your needs, if you prefer faster supply or go on economical shipping.

If the shipping address you have or because the order you have made has high volume or weight that is only supported by one transport company, you shall be given that company only with the price of their shipping costs.

Finally, it we will give you the option to make the Payment in two forms, Credit card or Wire transfer.

You shall always have the option to modify the details of your order and your shipping preferences before making any payment, if you were mistakenly have made the payment, you could always contact us in the ways described at Customer support, to correct any error, if you give us the time we could correct it for you.

You can access your Cart at any time by clicking on that window located on the left side of any page on our website.

This shall allow you to continue exploring our catalog without losing any chosen products and add all the items that interest you both in glass containers, PET containers and TULIPA containers.

Your order online for Tantalum Oxide in TULIPA and PET containers.

If you prefer Tantalum Oxide in larger quantity we could offer in 2 kg PET containers and 15 kg TULIPA containers.

The prices indicated for PET and TULIPA containers are prices per kg.

In each product there will be a progressive discount, the more number of units in your order a better price of the kilograms for each container you shall get.

You could choose as many PET containers of 2 kilos as you want, but if you spend 6 containers in an order it is preferable to order a TULIPA container of 15 kilos, since the price of the kilograms of this packaging is much better, and its Use is not going to be industrial it will not carry VAT even if you reside in Spain, and provided you have previously requested it through a Tickets.

In the same way you can acquire up to 5 units of TULIPA containers of 15 kilos per order, thus obtaining a lower price per kilo depending on the number of containers you request.

Why shall I identify myself?

We are only asked you to register yourself if you are going to make Online order.

To register you must enter your Email as USER, on this Email address we shall send all offers and all information about your orders, and also you should have a password to enter, you shall make sure you choose an easy password to remember.

Then simply click on the link to Start.

Once you were registered, it will appear where we will ask you for all your information.

If you already registered USER, just enter your Email address and a password and click on Start. Our WEB site should identify you if you did not close the last session or you did not sign out.

I forgot my password what do I do?

You could create a new password whenever you want. Just click on the option forgot your password?

On this option we shall send you an Email to the address with which you registered with us that will allow you to edit your new password.

Keep in mind that all passwords are kept encrypted and therefore it is impossible for us to recover your password in any way to send it to you, so if you lose it you shall have to reset your new password.

All information needed to fill up your order

Please tell us where you want us to deliver your order. Remember that you must add both the name of the street and the number of the building and the number of the floor, floor, unit or corresponding room. Also, remember to enter the postal code in the indicated box for it.

We recommend that you enter a valid phone number in the corresponding box, so that we could contact you in case of any problem during the delivery of your order.

We could make deliveries in post office boxes, but we advise not to make deliveries in hotels or non-permanent addresses, as this could cause you problems of returns with consequent damages for the User. If you choose to put a non-permanent shipping address such as hotels or non-habitual residents, remember that you do it under your own responsibility with the consequent damages that this may cause you. If you study at a university or a college, they usually have post boxes.

Shipping address and billing address

During the purchasing process we will ask you to indicate both the shipping address and the billing address. Remember that your orders will be delivered to the shipping address that you have given us and in the invoice of your order will indicate the billing address. They are two directions that can be different. If you could only indicate the billing address, the order will be sent to that address.

We allow you to enter as many addresses as you may want, you just have to remember when you are going to make the request to select the most appropriate one at that moment. Keep in mind that all the addresses you enter must be into the same country.

For more information about our use of your personal data, please visit our online link Privacy Policy and Usage.

Which shipping methods shall I use?

TRALEN shall always propose several shipping methods according to your shipping address, for each shipping method available into your address we shall tell you the shipping cost so that you could select the one that best suits your needs.

We shall give you the possibility in a short message, indicating on the transport company, and if it is a possible instruction to realize that the transport company will do everything possible to follow all your instructions.

That message will be recorded in the order and if we observe any difficulty in fulfilling the message we will try to warn you about it.

In case that the shipping method you have chosen to make the delivery, the transport company shall send you a message before delivering the order, they could send you an SMS or a phone call to your coordinate, we suggest you enter your phone number inside your USER information to be able to pass it to the transport company.

Which payment methods can I use?

TRALEN allows you to choose from Credit or Debit Cards or a Wire Transfer as payment method.

Our payment platform is secure, you could use almost any credit card, the limit of purchases per card shall be € 10,000 or by the limit indicated by your bank.

If you choose to pay for your order by a wire transfer, we shall provide you all banking coordinates of our bank account. You just need to place the reference number of the order in the field concept.

Please do not forget to fill up all information when making the Wire Transfer, indicating the order number in the concept section, so it will be easier to locate your order and our Accounting department could verify the payment as soon as possible.

If within a maximum period of 10 calendar days after the order has been received, we have not received the transfer, we will consider that you are not interested in the order placed and we will cancel it. If you decide to re-order afterwards, you can reactivate it from your User panel.

TRALEN,do NOT accept any other methods of payment. You will not be able to make any payments by personal checks, promissory notes or any direct debits or cash on delivery. 

Where do I find the account number doing the payment by a wire transfer?

We shall provide it online when you place your order and you have chosen a Wire Transfer as a payment method, we shall send it to you by an Email with a summary of your order and all information such as our IBAN account number, SWIFT code in case you send the transfer from outside of European Union.


You could always obtain an invoice of your order online in your USER account on the same order, and when you have received the order at your address.


Collector products are taxed in accordance with the special regime provided for in Articles 312 to 315 of the VAT Directive. That is, the invoice is exempt from VAT. Not so the transport that pays VAT in force in Spain for this concept.

The products for the Industry destined to the European Union except Spain are taxed with intra-community VAT. The invoice shall be exempt from any VAT. Not so for the transport that pays VAT in force in Spain for this concept.

The products for the Industry that are acquired by individuals, or any public or private entity resident in Spain and that are acquired for collector, exhibition or similar use, may also be taxed according to the special regime established in articles 312 to 315 of the VAT Directive, but for this to be stated in the invoice before placing the order, an application must be made by means of a Tickets requesting the elimination of VAT for the User who requests. Not so the transport that pays VAT in force in Spain for this concept.

How long it shall take to receive my order online?

Visit our online link Packages and Shipments there you could see the list of countries and areas where TRALEN could send SAMPLES SHOP made on our website, indicating the transport operator that shall make the delivery of the order, and the number of days that it will take to deliver your package by the company of transports, until delivery reaches your final destination.

How could I keep track of my order?

TRALEN delivers any order to the transport company on the same day that it was received the payment at our bank account, if the payment was made before 2 PM on the same business day.

Remember, if you made a payment by a credit or debit Card we shall receive the amount in most cases immediately, and at that moment we shall give you a confirmation by an Email and proceeding on the preparation if the payment has been made before 2 PM on that day. Exceptionally there may be cases that could take between 24 hours to 48 business hours depending on what day and the time you have made the payment, the type of card you used, the country from which you made the payment and your bank.

If you make a Wire Transfer from your bank account it could take from 1 to 3 business days to receive your payment at our bank account, it also depending on the country and bank where the payment was made, in any case your order will be prepare upon receiving the payment at our bank account, we will confirm to let you know when we have received it.

The transport company shall inform us on the delivery status from the day it was picks up at our warehouse.

You could track the status of your order online, connecting into the website of the transportation company that are making the delivery.

Reception of your order

Upon receiving your package, please check the goods on the same time it was received, and if you notice any problem (for example damaged or broken box), contact us immediately. In that way we could put a claim with the transport company.

Damaged, defective or incorrect products

If the order has been damaged during shipment or you have received incorrect order, TRALEN shall be responsible for solving this problem according to the following conditions:

User must communicate in writing on the incident occurred at our website on the online link Customer support, and it is mainly advisable to do so for the order itself, within a maximum period of 72 working hours from the date it was deliver the goods, giving all details of the type of incident, and attaching photos of the damaged / defective / incorrect product and if possible with the photo of the sticker on the plastic packaging of the transportation company.

You shall receive a response from our Customer support within 48 to 72 business hours, and a resolution of the incident and the corresponding procedure.

In what circumstances can I return a product?

See the online link Terms and conditions on our website points numbers 4 and 5.

Which kind of documentation is given to me when I place an order?

For any Online order of glass containers done on our web site you can download the following documents:

  1. Invoice of your order.

  2. The Technical file with the characteristics, specifications and observations of the products you have purchased.

Bill of lading will always be attached into your shipment.

For any Online order of TULIPA and PET containers done on our web site you can download the following documents:

  1. Invoice of your order.

  2. Certification of our company accrediting the origin and composition of elements of the different references of products that you have acquired.

  3. The analysis report carried out by the IGME on each reference order that you have acquired

Bill of lading will always