Collaborations in I&D projects
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If you have a research project, development or any other form that is related in some way to these minerals, their components, or their derivatives, which is in the execution phase and you need help to finish it up, or you are in a study phase and you wish a collaboration for its development, we could give you the possibility to publish here your collaboration proposals or you could publish your needs

              This NEWS is not a tool for finding a job, it's much more ambitious, and it's about looking for collaborators in research projects that one day could have an Exit

     Students, entrepreneurs, researchers, along with grants from universities and laboratories that wish to carry out innovative projects can post their comments, their studies, their research, requesting proposals on their progress, or joint participation at a distance in the project

Our objective is to put in contact all people and entities that have the same concerns in the related projects, regardless of what country they are coming from, or what religion, or political views they have, and at the same time you could benefit from certain information on the rest of Users within this NEWS whom have the same concerns.   

There is much to be done, the true technology is yet to be discovered, many minerals and their components have the necessary faculties to carry out certain research projects that will surprise us all in the nearest future. 

With the tantalum obtained from a mineral COLTAN, which could be investigated and be done about levitation and the energy storage, and applications on planet earth that are great. These Projects could be available to laboratories and universities only with the appropriate technical characteristics. 

 If you are students or any researchers, you are in a perfect moment to demonstrate what you could do with your idea, we have all necessary help for you, it will be a great pleasure to collaborate and helping you in any way we could, the planet earth is very big, and the right people are not always next to us, or you do not have always a way to present your project.   

We would like to collaborate with these projects. We hope your ideas and proposals are not going to fall down, even if you do not find any satisfactory answer immediately to your project, the important thing is to begin to expose it and also to advance even if you do not have any help, please publish your advances and we are sure that one day you will find what you were looking for



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